System Safety and Functional Safety

We want our tech safe.

Due to rapid development, technology today is present in every sphere of our lives. Innovative systems, including sophisticated hardware and software, control our cars, aeroplanes, factories, traffic lights, cooking recipes.

Through our courses in functional safety, we will teach you how to become an expert in designing fail-safe, fault-tolerant or fail-operational systems. We would tackle, for example, one of the most stringent standards for safety in automotive, such as ISO26262. Unfortunately, the industry lacks safety experts and cannot cope well with the growth of technology applications, especially AI-driven. So, let's keep our world a safe place.


Systems, Functions and Safety


Safety Analysis Techniques


Fault Tolerant Systems


Managing Quality, Processes and Projects in Automotive


Functional Safety Standards in Automotive


Functional Safety Design in Automotive


Safety Software


Safety Verification and Validation


Automotive Safety Project

This program has been developed in association with The University of California San Diego Extension, and is eligible for a UCSDX official certificate. See more details on Functional Safety Fundamentals for Automotive Certificate here, as well as for Functional Safety Engineering for Automotive here.

Together with our partner institutions, we may issue formal certificates in Functional Safety Engineering! To get more information, please contact us.

To get more information about NIT functional safety courses, how to enroll, set up the course of FuSa curriculum for your company, contact us.