About us

Novi Sad Institute of Information Technologies (NIT) is a reboot of a research and education institution providing solutions in the domain of computer engineering and embedded systems, which started as a spin-off from the Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad.

After the foundation of NIT in 2001, successful cooperation was established across several verticals, marrying academy (University of Novi Sad, University of Freiburg, Fraunhofer Institute etc) and the industry, mostly in the field of consumer electronics (Micronas, TDK). During the 10 years NIT participated in the development of consumer electronics devices across the globe, including digital television sets, set-top boxes and high fidelity audio equipment. Additionally, our professors and researchers developed some of the core technologies for consumer devices, including the first MP3 player implementation, microphone array algorithms, video teleconferencing and more.

New NIT is established as a research and education institution, providing high-quality professional education through industry courses in the fields of computer engineering, consumer electronics, artificial intelligence, automotive, industrial systems, functional safety and more. One of the missions of NIT is to provide efficient curricula that are required for work in modern IT companies in specific industries. NIT aims to provide engineering insights, to enable companies and individuals to solve some of the most challenging problems of today, such as safe autonomous driving or global connectivity of things.

Within its research activities, NIT participates with its staff and partners in several research agendas, funded by both the EU and the industry, related to consumer electronics, healthcare, artificial intelligence and automotive.