Education for tomorrow.

Fast, efficient and on point. NIT brings handpicked courses in topics that matter the most. Innovative education method keeps you immersed all the time. No more over-length lecturing, or assignments with hard-to-get applicability. We created a model which combines short lecture intervals, variety of hands-on exercises, combination of self-paced and instructor-lead approaches, as well as maintaining work-learn-life balance. Learn as you go, without disrupting your regular routines too much. You need to experience this to believe.

Some of the courses we handpicked from our catalogues are listed below.

Functional Safety - 8-course pack

Digital TV and Multimedia

Deep Learning for Machine Vision

C++ Advanced Programming

Python Advanced Programming

Advanced Linux

Automotive interfaces

Introduction to Autonomous Driving

Large Scale Scrum (LESS)

Internet of Things basics

Introduction to ASPICE

Android Programming