We provide in-depth, hands-on training, upskill programs, and expert consultancy to transform companies and individuals to embrace the challenges of the ongoing digital transformation.

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NIT Academy provides exquisite courses and education programs that provide the required know-how to professionals and companies undergoing digital transformation. Our courses are created by highly skilled PhD level staff with both academic and industry backgrounds. We serve dozen of companies with 1000+ participants on courses each year, by providing certified programs in Programming, Software engineering, Embedded software engineering, Automotive engineering, System safety, Functional safety, and more. 

NIT Institute also specializes in expert consultancy and research programs consultancy, including automotive engineering consultancy, functional safety and security consultancy, grant proposal preparation, startup acceleration, and project management. We have a 20-year track record of successful research, design, architecture, marketing, and deployment. We are experts in steering projects from ideas to production, respecting all modern processes and quality frameworks.

Empower your workforce with the knowledge you can see.

Get expert help to resolve the hardest challenges of today.

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